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"My days at Metro will stay with me always, not only helping me to better my life, but also in my heart because of their love of helping people achieve their dreams. "
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Rolla, Missouri Campus
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Programs at the Rolla, MO Campus

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Medical Specialist Associate Degree Rolla MO
Medical Specialist
Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Medical Specialist program trains our students for a career in medical front and back office environments.  Training in this program includes medical office procedures, medical clinical procedures, transcription, electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), insurance coding, and a 180-hour externship.  This program normally takes five (5) terms plus the 180-hour externship to complete. 

Credit Hours: 96
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   Course #   Course Description                     Credit Hr.

    AGE110    ENGLISH                                     4
    AGE121    COMPOSITION                                 2
    AGE130    MATHEMATICS                                 4
    AGE150    BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS                     4
    AGE160    COMMUNICATION ARTS                          4
    BUS100    PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                        4
    BUS105    PERSONAL MONEY MANAGEMENT                   2   
    BUS200    CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS                    4
    DPR121    WORD PROCESSING APPLICATIONS                4
    DPR161    SPREADSHEET APPLICATIONS                    4
    ENG101    ENGLISH FUNDAMENTALS                        2
    KEY100    KEYBOARDING I                               3
    KEY150    KEYBOARDING II                              3
    MED100    MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY                         4
    MED110    ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I                    4
    MED131    PHARMACOLOGY I                              4
    MED140    MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES                   4
    MED150    MEDICAL CLINICAL PROCEDURES I               5
    MED210    ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II                   4
    MED245    PHARMACOLOGY II                             4
    MED250    PATHOLOGY                                   4
    MED260    MEDICAL INSURANCE CODING I                  4
    MED265    MEDICAL INSURANCE CODING II                 4
    MED290    MEDICAL EXTERNSHIP                          6

Students must complete the core courses (those with a MED prefix) with a minimum of a “C” to graduate.  Evening students must understand that while all coursework may be completed during the evening hours, the 180-hour externship (MED290) must usually be completed during the day.

At our Jefferson City campus, check with an Admissions Representative for availability of evening classes.  Students enrolled in evening programs normally take one to two terms longer to complete than the daytime programs based on course availability.

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