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Massage Therapy Training - Cape Girardeau Missouri
Programs - Cape Girardeau Campus
Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapy program provides our students with training for a future in therapeutic massage therapy.  Students are trained in massage therapy and practice their massage therapy skills in our in-house clinic.  This program normally takes three (3) terms to complete.

Massage Therapists in the State of Missouri are required to graduate from an approved massage therapy program and successfully pass an approved certification examination in order to obtain licensure.  The Missouri Board of Therapeutic Massage requires a federal background check prior to application for student licensure.  Students must meet the requirements of the Missouri Board of Therapeutic Massage to successfully obtain student and professional licensure.  Metro Business College students who complete the Massage Therapy program must successfully pass the approved certification examination in order to graduate.  Metro Business College will submit the application for the student license on behalf of the student.  It is the graduate’s responsibility to apply for professional licensure through the State Board.

Students must complete the core courses (those with a MED and MST prefix) with a minimum of a “C” to graduate.

Clock Hours: 720
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   Course #   Course Description                     Clock Hr.

    BUS100    PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                        40
    BUS200    CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS                    40
    DPR121    WORD PROCESSING APPLICATIONS                60
    ENG101    ENGLISH FUNDAMENTALS                        20
    MED100    MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY I                       40
    MED110    ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY I                      40
    MED210    ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY II                     40
    MED215    ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY III                    20
    MST100    KINESIOLOGY                                 40
    MST110    MASSAGE THERAPY THEORY I                    40
    MST150    MASSAGE THERAPY LAB I                       80
    MST210    MASSAGE THERAPY THEORY II                   40
    MST250    MASSAGE THERAPY LAB II                      80
    MST260    MASSAGE THERAPY THEORY III                  40
    MST270    MASSAGE THERAPY LAB III                     80
    MST295    MBLEx TEST EXAM (PASS/FAIL)                  0

Students must complete the core courses (those with a MED and MST prefix) with a minimum of a “C” to graduate.

Courses are not taught in the order listed. Metro Business College reserves the right to change courses, add or delete courses, or substitute courses to improve or upgrade the curriculum at any time.

Gainful Employment Disclosure
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